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Writing Images to Flash Drives

It seems odd that there are no obvious ways to write a disk image to a USB flash drive from a Linux system, when there are so many options for burning images to a CD. I often find myself wanting to run a “Live CD” and using a flash drive instead is both faster and less wasteful.

Nice User Styles for Firefox

Two things annoy me when browsing the web:

  • The outline given to focused elements is a useful hint from an accessibility perspective, such as for keyboard navigation, but in Firefox it’s even displayed when you click a link with the mouse.
  • Textareas with a proportional font. I often input code, for example when commenting on reddit or on GitHub issues. A fixed-width font is much better for these situations.

So I decided to do something about it.

GHC 7.4 on Fedora 17

Fedora 17 ships the previous release of the Haskell Platform and GHC 7.0.4. To get the latest platform and GHC 7.4.1 you can install from the “rawhide” repository.